... how all this happened

Anyone who comes into contact with it is aware about that it must end in the apocalypse. But where did the beginning of the end get underway? How did this massive infection come about?

The origin must have been somewhere in the chemistry – in those deformed, smelly latex lumps of inferior quality. At the slightest skin contact, the affected body let out a silent scream that wafted to the surface in allergic reactions. Immediately it became clear that the essence was working, but the process had to be improved. This is why we developed our own products – free of chemicals, gentle on the skin, reusable and visually as realistic as possible: the birth of EXIT-SKIN!

The news spread rapidly: there was a new product on the market. EXIT SKIN® experienced a veracious boom. The time of plastic wrapped bombs is over, and the optical demands grew expeditiously. Not only private clients wanted to experience their event chemical-free and skin-friendly, also film and television were very satisfied with the new products. Our mask parts created as much interest as our wounds and ulcers.

Today we are more than ever anxious to meet the demands of our customers. We always keep optimizing our product range, developing new masks, expanding our assortment of fake blood and make-up. We serve the Halloween and Carnival demands as well as LARP and theater. What`s more, in film and television, we are no longer blank slate. No matter in which area and in what sector, EXIT SKIN® stands for the highest quality coupled with best skin tolerance. Try it yourself and get infected!

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